When we head off to college, our minds are filled with fantasies of parties and hanging out in our own pad. We think we’ve got it made with freedom at our fingertips and rules out the window. Never again will we be told what to do. Okay, well some of us have that delusion, but others are instantly stressed to achieve good grades and by facing life without our parents, who had been covering all expenses up until now. With all of this reality setting in, the last thing we need is something else to worry about. The headache of expenses and keeping up with our homework loads, consume our every moment. Although we are young and healthy for the most part, we still need to be prepared for the worst. This is why medical insurance for students is crucial.

Health is a mysterious abstract thing that we don’t think about regularly. Instead, we focus on it only when certain problems arise. For young students, it’s typical not to care about their health because it seems that it will be perfect forever.


When I first went off to a University, I didn’t have any health insurance. In fact, I didn’t have any dental either. I knew nothing about either one, because I was always covered under my parents in the past. Mt first thought was to look into medical insurance for students. Maybe there would be some special, cool rate that I could get for being in school. When I accessed my University’s website, and looked under student insurance options, I noticed that it said, mandatory health and dental plans for full time students. At first I was confused. Then I dug a little deeper and discovered that I had been paying for insurance since I started classes. I was a full time student, therefore they charged me for medical and dental coverage. This was a small fee that was taken each quarter when I began new classes. I was totally relieved. It even gave me a complete rundown of how I was covered.

If you lack any kind of coverage, and are attending a University or community college, you should look into medical insurance for students. This can be a life-saver if you need it. Imagine if you had to be hospitalized for a few days. You most likely don’t have thousands set aside to cover this. Even if you’re not interested in dental coverage, at a minimum you should acquire medical insurance. College life can be a big enough hassle on its own, without having to worry about health issues. It is always wise to check your school’s plan. They probably already have a form of medical insurance for students available to you. Typically if you’re a full-time student, options are in your reach. Don’t wait until it’s too late, look into insurance plans that suit your needs and budget. The Internet will guide you on this search for insurance coverage.