There are some thing that most people are comfortable with and other things that make them uncomfortable. I consider myself a fairly confident person that can relate well in most situations, except when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. I think this is a result of having a very bad experience with the first car dealer I dealt with. I was young and had very limited funds and he took advantage of my lack of knowledge about vehicles. I lost most of my savings on that vehicle and I have hated car shopping ever since. I am always certain that I am going to get ripped off.

Electricfied models reached over 40 percent of Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp.’s environmentally friendly vehicle sales in the January-October period, an automobile association said Monday. 


Because I hate shopping for vehicles I tend to put a great deal of miles on the car I own. I take good care of my cars making sure they have regular maintenance, but there comes a time when they simply wear out. I found myself once again in the market for a vehicle and this time I wanted to buy a new one. I was telling a friend about not wanting to go into a dealership alone because I am quite naïve when it comes to the cost of cars. He suggested I look up the car dealer invoice of the vehicles that I was interested in purchasing.

He told me that most manufactures publish the car dealer invoice so people will not be over charged. I thought this sounded like a great idea. I did some searching and soon found the car dealer invoice for the vehicle I was the most interested in. The invoice outlined what accessories came standard with the car and what things cost extra. The suggested retail prices for the extras were listed. I made copies of the different invoices and went looking for a car.

One car dealer was advertising that the cars were on sale for one dollar over the dealer’s invoice. This was an inventory reduction sale. I had my copy of the invoice and went to the car dealer to see how honest their advertising was. I explained to the sales person what type of car I wanted and what accessories were important to me. He had one on the lot and suggested that I test drive it. The car had everything I wanted and I liked the way it handled. The car was expensive, but the advertising was accurate the sale price was one dollar more than the invoice I had printed off. I bought the car and drove off the lot feeling that I had made a good deal.