One of the best moments of my life was when I got a new, high profile job. The job was everything that I ever wanted. It was in the industry that I loved, it was a senior position with a lot of responsibility and it paid me well enough to lead a good life. I thought at that moment that there was nothing that could top the feeling of having landed such a position. But I was wrong. As my job involved making financial decisions for the company and frequent traveling, I was soon given a business credit card. And I soon realized what a boon this was.

If you operate a small business, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you may benefit from opening a business credit card. Most issuers have pretty lenient qualification requirements for what’s considered a “business owner” and will likely accept your application whether you freelance, sell items online or run a growing company with employees.


The company had a policy of issuing business credit cards to senior executives in order to facilitate reimbursements. As ay accounting professional will tell you, the reimbursements and claims processes in any large organization can often drive a person mad. Sometimes invoices and bills go missing and cannot be replaced. Other times, the documentation is not proper. At times, it is impossible to keep track of several petty cash bills. So our company issued business credit cards to all senior executives to simplify the process. And as a solution, the business credit card was brilliant.

For one thing, we no longer needed to ask for large amounts of cash to be carried with us on local and overseas trips. We could use the business credit card for nearly everything. Airfares, hotel rooms and lunches could be paid for by the business credit card. Smaller purchases could be paid through the business credit card. Even online business related expenses could be paid for by the business credit card. And all we had to do to claim reimbursements was to hand over the monthly statement to the company accountants and they would pay up all the business related expenses in full. No money ever went out of our own pockets, but like any shrewd executive will tell you, there were other advantages of a business credit card that we could enjoy.

Since the business credit card was issued to me on my name, I could make use of all the frequent flier miles I gathered on business trips to get tickets for my family as well. Since this did not translate to any loss of money to my company, it was condoned. Similarly, the bonus points I accrued on my business credit card could be used to claim lunches, discount coupons and redeemable gifts for myself. I got a fancy fountain pen and some gadgets and gizmos in this way. Finally, any freebies that the credit card company gave me were mine to keep. While these perks of a business credit card might not sound like much, they are the little things that gave me a constant source of power and contentment.