Sometimes buying international health insurance is necessary, but there’s no guarantee that it is. Before you get international medical insurance, it makes sense to understand the health care policies of the country you are going to. Depending on where you are traveling, you may have to buy no health care at all or you may have to buy some very comprehensive health insurance. The international health insurance companies will try to make it look like a necessity. They will use every tactic to convince you that, if you even plan on spending a day outside of America, you need to buy all kinds of services. This is not the case, but you should be wary.

The Health Insurance market worldwide is projected to grow by US$269.7 Billion, driven by a compounded growth of 3.5%.


When I went to England, for example, I had no need of international health insurance. England is great – most of Europe is. Unlike the United States which would practically prefer to let someone die than treat them for free, international health insurance in Europe is top notch. Everyone is taken care of in the country, whether or not they can afford to pay for health care. I actually got a serious flu while I was there. It started off as nothing, but soon I was so sick that I could barely move. That was how dehydrated I was. I thought that I would be a goner without international health insurance. I figured that no one would give me medical care – they certainly would be reluctant to do so in the United States. To say I was surprised by the treatment that I got was an understatement. Despite my lack of international health insurance, I was hospitalized and treated very well in a top-notch hospital.

When I was traveling in South America, however, things were very different. Again, I didn’t get international health insurance coverage. I figured that things would be the same in Argentina as they were in England, but I was mistaken. Health care there is poor even if you have international health insurance. If you are not insured, however, it is abysmal. When I caught a serious parasite, I actually had to take a flight home to get treatment. There was no decent treatment option available in Argentina. This just goes to show you that it is always good to be prepared. If I had been better prepared, I would not have had to endure the misery of an eight hour flight with a severe stomach bug. Let’s just say that it was no picnic!

Are you a business or individual in need of health insurance? Look no further than a Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan, which is available in most states throughout the nation. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a reputable company that offers a variety of health insurance plans for every budget and every need.

To facilitate inpatient capacity across the health care system during the COVID-19 state of emergency, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (“Blue Cross”) has removed prior authorization requirements and moved to a notification-only requirement for inpatient levels of care including Acute, Long Term Acute (LTAC), Acute and Subacute Rehabilitation (Rehab), and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) admissions. 


Group and individual policies can be purchased through a number of insurance agents, and from online vendors, such as,, or directly from Blue Cross Blue Shield at A great selection of plans is available, and can be compared side by side, making it easy to see what each has to offer and how they differ. Finding a good health insurance plan for yourself or your company doesn’t have to be confusing and stressful.

Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans can be tailored to the needs of everyone, including individual, family, and group coverage for small and large businesses. There are also special supplemental plans available to seniors to complement Medicare coverage, because unfortunately Medicare doesn’t cover everything and seniors need help paying for such items as prescription medications. All Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans offer some type of prescription coverage for formulary and non-formulary medications, as well as mail in pharmacy options to purchase a three month supply at greater savings. Plans also vary in deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, and maximum lifetime benefits too, in addition to other types of coverages and exclusions depending on whether the plan is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), or POS (Point of Service) plan.

For more information on different types of Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans, go to the links mentioned above to compare plan options and prices. Application can be made online for individual and family policies for a minimal fee, and estimated premiums are available when comparing different types of Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans, which will be adjusted according to general health status and any chronic illnesses that may be present. It is true that in the case of severe chronic health issues, some applicants may be charged substantial premiums, or completely denied coverage and rendered uninsurable by some companies. The world of health insurance can be confusing, which is why there are customer service representatives available to answer any questions about Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance.

Cheap car insurance does not have to come from a cheap company. There are plenty of options to consider that will leave you more than happy in your investment. In order to find the best rates for you, you do have to conduct some research. Making a phone call to order cheap car insurance isn’t always the best approach.

Auto insurance rates in Las Vegas are about 25% above the average for Nevada — and around 50% higher than in Reno, NerdWallet’s 2020 rates analysis found.


When you are looking for the least expensive option you often overlook some real gems in the process. You may find that the same insurance provider that covers your rental insurance or homeowner’s account has wonderful packages for you to consider. Cheap car insurance is often the result of combining accounts into one big package.

Another approach to getting cheap car insurance is to buy liability only. This way, you are covered if you hit someone else and that’s it. If anything else happens, you have to come up with the money to pay for it. There are restrictions that apply and many lenders require that you have more than liability insurance.

Before you make any rash decisions you should do a little realistic self-assessment. There are those of us who can get away with cheap car insurance while others should make a sound investment in this kind of program. You may cringe at the idea of spending more money to stay legal and safe but it will pay off if you have an accident.

Consider your risk. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle and you are not really lucky when it comes to avoiding the occasional fender-bender then you may want to forgo cheap car insurance completely. I know. It isn’t very attractive but there are some sound reasons for making a little more of an investment.

Paying for the more expensive option is never attractive but there are ways to make the process bearable. You can opt for monthly payments in smaller installments rather than a painful quarterly bill. It is much easier to pay out a little each month rather than a whole lot three times each year. Even though you don’t have cheap car insurance, with monthly payments, it will feel like you do.

Some of us can only dream of getting really cheap car insurance. Past driving history and age are two things that factor into the payment no matter which company you choose. However, if you just keep plugging away and if you keep driving safely, cheap car insurance can be attained.

Do You Have Renters Insurance?

People who have cars have car insurance, and homeowners always have a policy that covers their home for many different types of problems. However, those who rent often neglect to get renters insurance. This happens because they do not know it exists, or they simply think that there is no way they are ever going to need it. This type of insurance is important, and becomes more of an issue as you age and acquire more expensive possessions. If you don’t have it, you should really rethink your position.

Did you know that even if you live in an apartment, you still need insurance? It’s true! If you’re renting an apartment, your landlord has a policy on the building, but that won’t protect any of your personal belongings inside your apartment. 


Your renters insurance should cover your belongings in the event of fire, flood, or theft. Each policy will vary, but most are generally supposed to cover any damage or loss that is beyond your control. If there was a fire in your apartment, the landlord has homeowners insurance, but that only covers the structure of the house or building, but it will not cover your belongings. If you don’t have renters insurance, you have no way of replacing everything that you just lost.

Renters insurance can even apply when you rent space for uses other than living space. If you are a band, you may have a rental rehearsal space, and you probably have a lot of expensive equipment in there. If you have storage of your belongings somewhere, you may have a lot of money or assets sitting unprotected. In cases such as these, you should see if you can get an insurance policy for renters to protect your stuff and your investments. As with all situations, it is important to note and list all items included in any area to be insured along with any other information that proves the value of your belongings.

You may have to look around for good renters insurance, but more and more companies are offering this. You can start with the same company that handles your car insurance if you are happy with their rates and their service so far. It might be much easier to have all types of insurance though one company anyway. If your car insurer does not have renters insurance, you can ask your local insurance representative if they know where you can find someone and if they have a recommendation. Usually companies that handle homeowners will also handle insurance for renters, and you may be surprised at how affordable it can be. A little money each month for insurance is a blessing if something goes wrong.

When we head off to college, our minds are filled with fantasies of parties and hanging out in our own pad. We think we’ve got it made with freedom at our fingertips and rules out the window. Never again will we be told what to do. Okay, well some of us have that delusion, but others are instantly stressed to achieve good grades and by facing life without our parents, who had been covering all expenses up until now. With all of this reality setting in, the last thing we need is something else to worry about. The headache of expenses and keeping up with our homework loads, consume our every moment. Although we are young and healthy for the most part, we still need to be prepared for the worst. This is why medical insurance for students is crucial.

Health is a mysterious abstract thing that we don’t think about regularly. Instead, we focus on it only when certain problems arise. For young students, it’s typical not to care about their health because it seems that it will be perfect forever.


When I first went off to a University, I didn’t have any health insurance. In fact, I didn’t have any dental either. I knew nothing about either one, because I was always covered under my parents in the past. Mt first thought was to look into medical insurance for students. Maybe there would be some special, cool rate that I could get for being in school. When I accessed my University’s website, and looked under student insurance options, I noticed that it said, mandatory health and dental plans for full time students. At first I was confused. Then I dug a little deeper and discovered that I had been paying for insurance since I started classes. I was a full time student, therefore they charged me for medical and dental coverage. This was a small fee that was taken each quarter when I began new classes. I was totally relieved. It even gave me a complete rundown of how I was covered.

If you lack any kind of coverage, and are attending a University or community college, you should look into medical insurance for students. This can be a life-saver if you need it. Imagine if you had to be hospitalized for a few days. You most likely don’t have thousands set aside to cover this. Even if you’re not interested in dental coverage, at a minimum you should acquire medical insurance. College life can be a big enough hassle on its own, without having to worry about health issues. It is always wise to check your school’s plan. They probably already have a form of medical insurance for students available to you. Typically if you’re a full-time student, options are in your reach. Don’t wait until it’s too late, look into insurance plans that suit your needs and budget. The Internet will guide you on this search for insurance coverage.

Many people put off getting life insurance because they don’t have the time or the inclination to get a medical exam. There are now companies that offer no exam life insurance to healthy individuals.

If you don’t have any serious medical conditions such as HIV, cancer, or diabetes than you will probably qualify for no medical exam life insurance. In fact, most people without health problems do.

When you decide to purchase no exam life insurance you’ll probably first want to receive several quotes from insurance companies. This allows you to have a wide range of options. The quotes for no exam life insurance will include the amount of the insurance along with the monthly premiums you would be expected to pay.

A traditional life insurance policy application can take a good month or more to wind its way through the application process. This often involves an extensive application questionnaire, a life insurance medical exam, and work by the life insurance company to get your medical records and verify other information about you.


Many insurance companies do offer no exam life insurance but you’ll find that the benefit amount is less than if you decided to get life insurance that did include a medical exam. However if you’re not looking for a large policy than no exam life insurance is really a good choice.

You can get quotes by contacting an insurance broker. He or she will take down your information including the amount of insurance you are looking for. They will then contact insurance agents from different companies to receive quotes for the no exam life insurance. Once they’ve done this they will supply you with the information. From this you can choose the company that best suits your needs.

If you already deal with an insurance company you can contact them and have them refer you to an agent who handles their no exam life insurance policies. Again, they will collect your information and then give you a quote.

When you do decide on a policy there will be some documents for you to sign. One of these will be a medical form in which you’ll be asked specific questions regarding your medical history. It’s vitally important that you are as forthright as possible when filling out this questionnaire. If you do pass away from a pre-existing medical condition that you didn’t divulge on your medical form, than your insurance policy might be void and your benefactor won’t receive anything.

Life insurance is an important investment and if you are in good health than strongly consider applying for no exam life insurance. It’s a fast, convenient and hassle free way to get the coverage your family will need in the event of your death.

Being sick is never fun. Being sick and then getting hit by a large doctor bill just adds insult to injury. That’s why it’s so important to have health insurance. Unfortunately as the cost of medical care and prescription drugs continue to race upward, so too does the cost of health insurance. Finding affordable health insurance to help defray expensive medical costs can be very challenging.

The COVID-19 test will be covered by Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance plans, Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday.


Health insurance coverage can vary greatly from program to program. Some insurance programs require a large monthly payment in order to be covered. Other insurance programs require the covered person to pay a large co-pay or deductible. Still other insurance programs may require both a large monthly payment and a huge deductible. These expensive monthly payments, co-pays, and deductibles cause some people to stop looking for affordable health insurance. But this is a mistake.

The lack of health insurance can be financially disastrous to any person on any given day. A healthy person could be making a great living and then suddenly be stricken with appendicitis or a similar illness. Without insurance, the medical costs associated with a hospital stay and an operation could absolutely cripple a person’s financial health. That’s why finding affordable health insurance is so important.

Obtaining affordable health insurance becomes even more important when there’s children involved. All parents know that one of the worst feelings in the world is caring for a child that is sick. Parents feel helpless – all they want to do is take the sickness and pain away from their child. How much more stressful everything becomes when there is no health insurance to cover the cost of bringing the child to the doctor. No parent should have to worry about how much money a trip to the doctor or the hospital is going to cost them.

Affordable health insurance should be available to anyone who wants and needs it. Any person looking into health insurance and how affordable it may be must take all factors into consideration. People need to realize that the cost of health insurance isn’t just the monthly fee that has to be paid. The amount of co-pays and the deductibles have to be taken into consideration as well. Not every insurance program is for everyone. One health insurance program may be affordable for a single person but not nearly as affordable for an entire family. Therefore, each program must be examined from the viewpoint of the person and / or family that needs the coverage. Finding the most affordable health insurance is well worth any time and energy that has to be invested by any person.

You can send an invoice on PayPal for free, and the setup only takes a few minutes.


You can do just about anything online. You can check your bank account, move money around, earn a living, play games, connect with people all over the world, sell your old stuff, and you can find almost anything you might want but had never imagined you would find. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I certainly think so, and if you had told me this fifteen years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy. I feel blessed that the Internet has allowed me to make a good living right from my own home so I can be with my daughter rather than carting her off to daycare. All I needed was a computer, Internet connection, a good word processor, and a Paypal account.

I’m a writer. I do realize that this is part of the reason I can work from home. Not everyone can do that. Had it not been for Paypal, I might have had a very hard time getting started. Waiting for checks is something that most writers are very familiar with, but if I had to wait when I started, I wouldn’t have been able to stick with it. I would have had to go get something I would know would pay very soon. Thanks to my Paypal account, I get paid very quickly, where in the past, I would have been waiting for two months for payments. It’s a pretty great feeling when you can submit your work to your client, and have the invoice paid in full and sitting in your Paypal account within days.

Though I have had no issues with my Paypal account, I know there are problems. Some feel that they been ripped off by Paypal, but I find this very hard to believe. What I do believe, however, is that they may have been scammed by someone else. One of the most common phishing scams online involves Paypal. Phishing is the act of sending out email that appear to be from a legitimate company, but it is actually going to take you to a fake website if you click the link.

These often tell you there is some problem with your Paypal account, and when you click the link given, and try to input your information, you find you can’t get in. that’s because you aren’t on Paypal’s real sight. What you have done is given someone your password and username. To keep your Paypal account safe, change your password all the time, and make it something hard to figure out. Also, never click on any link in an email. Always open a new browser and type in the address for Paypal and then go into your account. So many are taken this way, and they lose everything, even though it is very easy to avoid. If you think someone has gotten your information for your Paypal account, change your password immediately and contact Paypal via the phone for more help.

I recently signed up for a health insurance policy. This particularly attractive woman had been trying to get me interested in the health insurance policy she had been peddling, while I was more interested in her telephone number. Finally, as a barter for a coffee date with me, I put my signature on the dotted line of the health insurance policy. At that time, it seemed like a win-win deal. I not only got to spend an enjoyable afternoon with a very beautiful woman, but also got myself a long overdue health insurance policy in the bargain. Maybe I should have been paying more attention to the health insurance policy than the policy seller. But how was I to know that I would need to use my health insurance policy so soon!

Karen Pollack, the head of a debt-collections practice called KP Recovery Solutions, had been trying to collect on some medical bills Krevat had recently incurred for a heart transplant. Krevat’s debts, which were reviewed by The Atlantic, made up plot points in the worst kind of American health-care horror story. 


The need to use my health insurance policy started rather innocuously. Nearly six months later, one day at work, I managed to hurt my jaw by banging it on a filing cabinet. Nothing major was what I thought. Till I discovered over lunch that I had actually broken a tooth or two! I decided to visit a doctor or a dentist to get myself cleaned up. The first dentist I went to had a shock in store for me. He examined me and told me that one of the teeth hadn’t broken of completely and needed to be surgically removed. If it wasn’t removed in time, it would rot and also get the surrounding teeth to be rotten in a short while. While it wasn’t something to be worried about the procedure would cost upwards of two thousand dollars. I sat flabbergasted. More by the cost of the procedure than by the broken tooth itself.

But then I suddenly remembered the health insurance policy that I had recently signed up for. Boy was I glad! Not only could I use the health insurance policy to offset the phenomenal charges, I could also com out of this minor mishap looking and feeling good. With that thought in mind, I ran back to the office to contact the insurer. That was much more easier said than done! First and foremost, I had a great deal of difficulty getting through to the claims department. While the phone was continuously engaged (were there so many claimants?) my email to them went unanswered for two whole days. Finally, threatened by visions of a rotting tooth, I took my health insurance policy and personally went down to their office.

It was an utter waste of time. A pleasant enough secretary thrust a set of forms at me as soon as I explained why I was there. She didn’t even ask to see my health insurance policy. Which should have told me a thing or two, but I was eager to get back to my dentist. After having spent over three hours filling form after form in triplicate, I was sent over to the claims manager. This time around, he did ask to see my health insurance policy. And calmly told me that dental surgery wasn’t covered. I sat shell shocked. But it was true. Buried in all the fine print, there was a statement testifying to that fact! I demanded to see the agent who sold me the health insurance policy in the first place. Turns out she was so successful at selling policies to people like me that she had been promoted to a manager of her own branch and was now based in Europe! So the thing to remember when you sin up for your health insurance policy I to read the fine print!

One of the best moments of my life was when I got a new, high profile job. The job was everything that I ever wanted. It was in the industry that I loved, it was a senior position with a lot of responsibility and it paid me well enough to lead a good life. I thought at that moment that there was nothing that could top the feeling of having landed such a position. But I was wrong. As my job involved making financial decisions for the company and frequent traveling, I was soon given a business credit card. And I soon realized what a boon this was.

If you operate a small business, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you may benefit from opening a business credit card. Most issuers have pretty lenient qualification requirements for what’s considered a “business owner” and will likely accept your application whether you freelance, sell items online or run a growing company with employees.


The company had a policy of issuing business credit cards to senior executives in order to facilitate reimbursements. As ay accounting professional will tell you, the reimbursements and claims processes in any large organization can often drive a person mad. Sometimes invoices and bills go missing and cannot be replaced. Other times, the documentation is not proper. At times, it is impossible to keep track of several petty cash bills. So our company issued business credit cards to all senior executives to simplify the process. And as a solution, the business credit card was brilliant.

For one thing, we no longer needed to ask for large amounts of cash to be carried with us on local and overseas trips. We could use the business credit card for nearly everything. Airfares, hotel rooms and lunches could be paid for by the business credit card. Smaller purchases could be paid through the business credit card. Even online business related expenses could be paid for by the business credit card. And all we had to do to claim reimbursements was to hand over the monthly statement to the company accountants and they would pay up all the business related expenses in full. No money ever went out of our own pockets, but like any shrewd executive will tell you, there were other advantages of a business credit card that we could enjoy.

Since the business credit card was issued to me on my name, I could make use of all the frequent flier miles I gathered on business trips to get tickets for my family as well. Since this did not translate to any loss of money to my company, it was condoned. Similarly, the bonus points I accrued on my business credit card could be used to claim lunches, discount coupons and redeemable gifts for myself. I got a fancy fountain pen and some gadgets and gizmos in this way. Finally, any freebies that the credit card company gave me were mine to keep. While these perks of a business credit card might not sound like much, they are the little things that gave me a constant source of power and contentment.